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2020 has been a year of reckoning on multiple levels — a much needed wake up call for humanity. The past 12 months have finally cracked open our awareness to the problems that have been silently brewing under the surface for decades. So it is in this epic year that we, as humans, have been woke to all the harm that we have inflicted upon one another, ourselves, and the planet at large. For this, I am incredibly grateful.

For it is only once we truly see the issues that we can actually act upon them.

Otherwise, it is too…

Photo: Kara Eads / Unsplash
Photo: Kara Eads / Unsplash
Photo: Kara Eads / Unsplash

When it comes to cooking at home, relying on recipes can provide a real sense of safety and comfort (side note: for this conversation, we’re talking strictly about cooking, not baking).

Home cooks entrust the professional who authored the recipe and their hopefully rigorous testing process, assuming that a recipe will yield success — ie. taste delicious and look like the visual, if followed precisely. That sense of predictability can be soothing for those easing their way into cooking and who may require a step-by-step plan as they work through a new creation. …

I haven’t yet dug into the topic of soil on this blog since most of our daily focus is actually above the ground. But if I look more closely at my experience buying ingredients and preparing nourishing family meals, I notice that most of it originates from the power of healthy topsoil. And that, precisely, is what keeps us alive.

Need I say, soil is the essence of life on this planet.

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You mean dirt, right?

Mmm, not quite. Dirt is barren, devoid of life, whereas soil is dense, nutrient-laden organic matter free of pesticides (so no pre-packaged Miracle-Gro here)…

Water Defines Us

With this being my first summer in North Carolina, I could not have been prepared (although I was warned) for the oppressive heat and humidity that starts to blanket the region in June. My body, acclimated to dry weather, is transitioning to the realities of constant sweat and my mind, to the feelings of heaviness and lethargy. My attention to these subtleties has been especially heightened with time at its slowest and life at its simplest. …

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You see, I had been very attached to my metal bowls for years before I pared my collection down to just one.

That’s right, I am now the proud owner of a single 4-quart bowl in my kitchen.

But I get it, I’ve been there with the nesting set of bowls that I schlepped on countless moves fearing that I could not possibly live without each one. After all, mixing bowls are always sold to you in sets of at least four so why would you need anything less than that? …

How has your relationship with food changed during these months of the pandemic? Have you settled into the reality of cooking every single meal at home for every one of your family members? Are you relying more on take-out to spice up the routine and support local businesses? Have you reached into the depths of your pantry and become reacquainted with those items that you had been saving up for this exact moment in history?

Whether you’ve leaned on meal kits, CSA boxes, comfort foods or time-intensive baking projects, no doubt your kitchen experience has been turned upside down.

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I’ve long been an advocate of bulk, or plastic-free, shopping in my local grocery — not to be confused with buying bulk at Costco, which rewards large quantities of products with lower prices. What I’m referring to is that secret corner or aisle of your supermarket, health food store, or co-op that houses an array of loose ingredients in self-serve containers and the DIY tools needed to pack and weigh them: bags, a digital scale, stickers, and markers.

I consider it a dazzling experimentation lab if you’re willing to have fun and take some risksI also believe it to be…

Kristin Cole

I encourage others to think confidently in the kitchen and reduce food waste using the principles of simplicity and resourcefulness.

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